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Hi .. this site exists primarily to illustrate some of my projects in pre-university physics, geophysics and computing as well as my current research interests. School science projects are in the 'STEM Projects' section above with occasional updates in the 'Blog' section.

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This site may be worth browsing if you are interested in:-

  • consultancy in computational physics.
  • virtual crystallography.
  • infrasound detection.
  • promoting 'real science' (S.T.E.M) projects in schools/colleges.
  • building a leading in-house and outreach STEM programme.
  • higher level physics tuition.

I have over 25 years experience teaching A-level Physics, additionally A-level Computing, various applied science courses, engineering and some adult 18 physics. For the past 15 years I have been actively involved in computational physics research at M.Sc, Ph.D and post-doc levels whilst teaching predominantly A-level physics.

There should be a joy in learning and enthusiasm in teaching, as student skills are nurtured and developed. In the U.K. state-sector these have been eroded by a relentlous drive to achieve often baseless numeric metrics at the behest of OfSted - a standards organisation whose reports are regarded by many in teaching as meaningless. Little wonder so many of our political leaders choose a private education for their own children.

In my direct experience there is considerable merit in giving students the opportunity to develop their science interests in extra-curricula science 'clubs'. I have lost track of the number who explained how their university interview was dominated by discussion of such extra-curricula work. Whilst regrettably rare in UK state schools advanced science project work is common in much of Europe and the US. Here it is not uncommon for pre-university students to engage in original research. There is no reason why an ordinary UK school cannot make a big impact for little resourcing.

I am committed to setting up national/international class STEM programmes in the sort of geophysics/space-science projects described here. These are well suited to school or college science clubs/enrichment activities either on one site or as part of a distributed network between schools. The projects here are cheap, research-level and released open-source. Feel free to have a go at them, I am happy to help as long as not in direct competition with my current employer.

A university outreach post in (computational) physics / geophysics would be extremely interesting indeed.

Some Recent Examples
Aurora Monitor Pi Seismic Monitor Code Infrasound Monitor
Computational Physics SIDspot Chip Design

Drop me a line if interested.

Significant Activities

  • Teaching Physics, Computing, Electronics, Engineering primary to adult for ~25 yrs.
  • Developing innovative STEM projects.
  • Ongoing engagement in various outreach activities.
  • Ongoing research in geophysics & computational physics.
  • Four major physics department lab designs/restructuring.
  • Design of computing/electronics labs.
  • Various works for exam boards.

Significant Enrichment Organised

  • Running higher level top-up classes for A-level physics & computing.
  • Lightning Detector Project.
  • HiSparK Cosmic Ray Detector.
  • 'Programming for Scientists' courses.
  • Physics Olympiad / A.E.A.
  • School Seismometer.
  • Build a 3d printer.
  • Aurora Monitoring Station.
  • Infrasound Monitoring Station.
  • Introduction to LaTeX.
  • Experiment based science E.P.Q.
  • Physics/electronics project outreach in local secondary schools.
  • Primary school - programming & electronics.

Opinions expressed on this site are my own and not necessarily those of my current employer.