Hi .. urmm .. yes this is definitely one of the the less visually inspired pages on the net becoming more minimalist with each iteration. Part of my rational being that either:-
  1. You are interested in training/consultancy in computational modelling or LaTeX

  2. any of my old chums, wiling away a boring day at work may decide to try looking me up

  3. If anyone is seeking an experienced, enthusiastic and proactive Physics / Mathematics / Computing Head of Department to A-level / IB in the UK (esp. the North East), New Zealand, Canada, Australia, France please drop me a line.

  4. You are interested in promoting 'real science' (S.T.E.M) projects in schools/colleges.

Significant Places

  • Holly Mount RC Primary School
  • Bury Grammar School for Boys
  • Aston University B.Sc. Physics
  • Manchester University P.G.C.E. Physics
  • Salford University M.Sc. Computational Physics
  • Salford University Ph.D. Computational Physics